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Every Moment is a Memory

It comes naturally


Natural Selection Crystals was established by Jordan Root in 2006 at 16 years old, a hobby. He had no clue at that time it would eventually be his means for living as it progressed into a meaningful and fulfilling career in the world of mineralogy. Christina joined NSC in 2016 after persuing mineral collecting as a hobby for several years.

What Collecting Means To Us

Natural Selection Crystals is Jordan Root and Christina Choate (CC). We are mineral collectors who passionately love collecting because it is, in our opinion, the most fascinating collectible hobby in perceivable existence and arguably that which has most intellectual diversity when observed from almost any science. We collect minerals not only because they are beautiful and deeply fascinating though, we believe in them as valuable assets and sound investments.

Minerals have been appreciated by humans since before time was well recorded and are not exclusive to any one person. It is our true and honest belief that everyone should collect, even if just a little, because the act of appreciating beauty for the sake of its beauty is healthy both mentally and physically (Why?).

If you ever have questions, concerns, consultation, or if you just want to talk about minerals with someone, please feel free to contact us either on Facebook or send us an Email.


Other services include: Mineralogical Photography (Functional and Artistic), Collection Assessment, Specimen Locating Services, Professional Specimen Cleaning (Specializing in Halides and Sulfides), Delicate Specimen Extraction, Mineral Trimming, Digging Aid, Dig Trip Lead, and Educational Speaking.


"Studying minerals can teach you about virtually every aspect of physics you can conceive. Light physics, friction, thermodynamics. It's all about how and to what extent you observe them." -Jordan Root

"Children should always get free minerals. Even some of the 60 year old ones." -Christina Choate

"Minerals are beautiful not just because they are aesthetically beautiful, but, by their very formation are they beautiful. The process, the science, the circumstance. It's like the earths own complex production of art and every part of it is amazing." -Jordan Root

"Some people just have temporary collections. They get something for a while and then they pass it on after a while. They like to share the thing that made them so happy with somoene else. I think that's kind of wonderful." -Christina Choate

"Minerals don't need to serve a purpose. You don't need to assign them one. Fine art doesn't get turned into jewelry or told that it has any particular abilities to change your life and no one seems to question that." -Jordan Root

Tel: 770-301-0192


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