Silver on Acanthite - Imiter Mine, Morocco.

Silver on Acanthite - Imiter Mine, Morocco.

Approx. Measures: 4.6 x 3.2 x 3 cm.

Approx. Weight: 32 grams.

Imiter Mine has produced many world class specimens over the years and this specimen has some features that make it stand out for sure. The Silver is vibrantly lustrous while still maintaining a beautiful patina which varies in color along the weaving Silver wires. The Acanthite is very well formed and makes a perfect contrasting matrix for the Silver. This specimen is an amazing piece for the miniature collector looking for a truly great Silver specimen.


This specimen was featured as March 2021 in our 16-month 2021 Calendar! You will receive a digital high quality copy of this photo for use in publication or just sharing with your friends!

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