Hematite in/on Quartz - Orange River, Namibia.

Hematite in/on Quartz - Orange River, Namibia.


I have searched through literally thousands of specimens from this locale which is quite well known for having Hematite in or on or somewhow violating the personal space of Quartz. We have been importing Namibian material for over 10 years and this is easily the very best and most interesting of these we have carried. This particular piece has unusually vibrant color and in areas vibrantly glassy luster (the rest is more of a satin luster). This piece also features quite odd Hematite spheres that I have not before seen from this locale with this degree of detail. The Quartz is largely undamaged with only a couple of knicks on a couple of the lesser crystals. Another odd feature is some of the largerly isolated secondary growth sections across the specimen where there is Quartz overgrowing and creating odd phantoms. It should be noted that this locale doesn't distinguish well between the Namibian and South African side and this has been attributed to the Namibian side because it was once in the personal collection of Heini Soltaeu.


Measurements: 10 x 8 x 5 cm

Weight: 1335g

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