Fluorite with Chalcopyrite Inclusions - Annabel Lee Mine, Illinois

Fluorite with Chalcopyrite Inclusions - Annabel Lee Mine, Illinois


Approx. Measures: 10 x 7.8 x 4.3 cm.

This is an extraordinary Fluorite from a classic locality in Illinois. The Annabel Lee Mine is famously known as the last mine operated by the ozark-mahoning company. It closed in 1995 and specimens from this historic locale are as amazing as they are diverse. The array of colors, formations, and associations the fluorite can have is truly amazing. Sadly, the many fluorite from those days has been damaged or placed in collections, so finding exceptional pieces has already become challenging.

This particular specimen is an astonishingly beautiful blue and purple color with a light yellow core. The architecture is an angled cube which has a fascinating "city-scape" of hopper growth on the lower section and the back, where there is a fascinating pattern of dissolution as well! To top it off, it has a fantastic glossy luster and a surface texture that goes perfectly with it. The color shift between the photo is a mild color change effect between the types of lights I use for the different media, which I find fascinating.


Note: Color difference in photos to video are due to lighting condition changes, the photo is in more blue hued lighting and the video is in more yellow hued lighting. Actual color presented will be based on the type of lighting in your display cabinet.